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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

The Difference

People have commented on the fact that more Arabs are dying in this war than Israelis. They say it as though it makes the Israeli actions worse than the Arab actions. Or even comparable. The real difference gets ignored, and it must not be.

The difference is very simple. They are not killing us to stop us from killing them. They are killing us because they hate us and want to destroy us. We, by contrast, are killing them in order to prevent them from killing us.

It's a huge difference.

If the Arabs lay down their arms, the conflict ends. If Israel lays down its arms, Israel ends.

It's that complicated, and it's that simple. The numbers aren't the issue. The only issue is that they have to leave us alone. If they persist in trying to kill us, they will suffer and die. All they need to do is stop it.


Blogger Joshua W. Burton said...

A modest proposal for peace in the Levant

Allow Lebanon to become an independent country, with its own flag (maybe something friendly like Canada's, only with a cedar?), a seat at the United Nations, and full formal recognition by the Great Powers. Let Beirut hold democratic elections, to create an accountable legitimate government that can coopt and rein in the extremists. Carefully delineate the international boundary, and then put UN observers at the fence, to make sure any border incidents are sharply deterred and promptly contained. Above all, pull the Israeli ideological settlers out of Lebanon permanently, ending the territorial dispute. (Heck, evacuate the Israeli-tainted Druse and Christian partisans of the South Lebanon Army, with their families, to new homes in northern Israel, too.)

Once the benefits of lasting and secure peace are obvious to all the involved parties, apply some of the same ideas, as appropriate, to the other theaters in the conflict.

2:37 PM  
Blogger Mikewind Dale said...

Also, people will complain that Israel has superior weaponry.

I always reply that Israel is not obligated to handicap itself, just to conform to its militarily-inferior opponent. If Israel has F-16s and Hamas does not, then perhaps Hamas shouldn't pick a fight with Israel! But once the Palestinians do pick a fight, it's their own fault if their inferior weaponry gives them a disadvantage.

And of course, "human shields" and "Geneva Conventions regarding civilians". Enough said.

11:22 AM  

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