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Friday, May 12, 2006

My Endings for Alias

Possible Spoiler Alert

If you're a fan of Alias, and you don't want to hear my ideas for endings for the series (two episodes left, btw), don't continue reading.


Fine, don't blame me.

Ending One

Carrie and Marshall have a fight, because Carrie gets tired of the crush Marshall has on Sydney. He goes out and, uncharacteristically, gets drunk as a skunk.

Stumbling back into APO, he falls against the big Rambaldi thingumie that they've just managed to get away from Prophet Five, and sparks fly. When they clear, Marshall is gone...

...and appears back in the 16th century, where he gets completely disoriented as a result of travelling in time while drunk. Remember, folks. Drinking and time travelling don't mix. He remembers bits and pieces of his life, and winds up becoming Milos Rambaldi.

Ending Two

More time travel, but different. The head of Prophet Five is a genius who wants to travel back in time to meet Rambaldi. And in fact, that's what Rambaldi's endgame is: a time machine.

Sydney figures out that this guy actually is Rambaldi, even if he doesn't realize it yet, and they lead a mission to stop him. In the middle of the worst of the fighting, Sydney and Rambaldi-to-be face each other. Sydney shoots him, and...

...we cut back to Sydney and Danny Hecht, from the pilot, living happily ever after, and the whole damned series never happened.

I can't decide which one I'd prefer.


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