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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A New Verse for Maoz Tzur

Katonti, but I'd like to offer this up anyway.

לא-אל של מתבוללים
הוליד לא-עם של מחבלים
אומות אותי מגנים
נשים וטף נהרגים
אך בזכות תורת האל
נקצוץ ידו של ישמעאל
ושוב נבנה ועוד נחיה
תחת כנפי שכינת אל

Lo-el shel mitbolelim
Holid lo-am shel mechablim
Umot oti meganim
Nashim v'taf neheragim
Ach bizchut torat ha-Kel
Niktzotz yado shel yishmael
V'shuv nivneh, v'od nichyeh
Tachat kanfei shechinat Kel

A "no god" of assimilationists
Gave rise to a "no nation" of terrorists
The nations condemn me
Women and children are murdered
But in the merit of God's Torah
We shall strike off the hand of Ishmael
And we will build again and yet live
Beneath the wings of God's presence.
*Deut. 32:21


Blogger Ben-Yehudah said...




2:18 PM  
Blogger Lady-Light said...

Discovered your blog from a comment you left on "Morethedoxy."
You are ממש משוררת. Your verse sounds...authentic!

11:03 PM  
Blogger Lisa said...

Thanks, Lady.

7:02 AM  

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