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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

I'm a published author!

So, the book that my story "The Last Minute" is going to appear in is due out on September 30. I'm kind of psyched to see it. If you click on the picture of the cover, it'll take you to the page on Amazon.com. The page at the publisher has more information on the book, though.

My biggest concern is that a lot of people I'd love to recommend the book to, I can't. There are 14 stories in the anthology (I'm the only first time published author), and other stories may contain erotica. So I'm going to have to just limit who I recommend the book to.

Maybe when I get some more stories written someday, I'll be able to put out a collection that includes this story. But you have to start somewhere. It's really exciting to have a story in the same anthology as Katherine V. Forrest, whose book An Emergence of Green is one of my very favorites.

I'm thinking of sending a copy to Orson Scott Card. I know he's pretty negative when it comes to the subject of homosexuality, but "The Last Minute" isn't really about that, as such. And it'd be cool to see if he likes it. He once published an essay of mine on one of his websites, which deals with the Arab war against Israel. The essay, sad to say, is as relevant today (if not more) than it was when I wrote it. Check it out. And if you haven't read just about everything the man has ever written, stop wasting your time here and get to it.


Anonymous Yisroel said...

And if you haven't read just about everything the man has ever written

Just finished "Shadow of a Giant." Pretty good.

9:19 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey i'll read it! i'm all for erotica. plus, i'm sure your story is great. your sister's website is cool too.

2:19 AM  

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